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Are you a healthcare or HSE professional seeking a homecare partner? Here are some of the ways that we provide a superior service to you:

FULL ACCOUNTABILITY – every time an All In Care carer visits a client’s home, they must telephone in using our telemonitoring system. This allows us to track every moment spent with a client, ensuring that you get full value for money. A time report is issued each month for every client.

LOWER OVERALL COST PER HOUR – with our telemonitoring system you know that every hour you pay for is an hour that has actually been spent with your client. We don’t charge extra for overtime or weekends therefore a weekly package from All In Care is highly competitive. We also offer a daytime social club through our sister company – Steps – with an excellent range of activities at a lower hourly cost than in-home care.

REDUCED ADMIN TIME – our detailed reporting system saves administrative time for you.

HAPPIER CLIENTS – at All In Care our caring service is organised around individuals rather than the other way around. We know what is important to our clients and we make sure that they have the little pleasures that make life enjoyable. We also provide a social club through our sister company – Steps – enabling our clients to lead fulfilled, healthy and sociable lives in lovely hotel-style surroundings.

PEACE OF MIND -  All In Care really does care and this is borne out in our many happy clients who have been referred to us by word-of-mouth from other satisifed clients and their carers. Our carers are selected because of their warm, caring personalities and are fully trained to the appropriate standards.

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